How to upload claims – spreadsheet upload

Research Analysis allows researchers to upload claims in bulk using a spreadsheet via the following steps:

  1. Select the “Upload Claims” menu option.
  2. Click the “Select files…” button
  3. Select the spreadsheet in the correct format (refer below) that you wish to upload.
  4. Check if there were errors with the upload. If there are errors, correct these and reload the file (refer below). You can reload the whole file as duplicates will be ignored.

Formatting the spreadsheet

  1. The spreadsheet must be in the format required for Research Analysis. The easiest way to do this is to use the template spreadsheet provided via the below link. Don’t change any of the column or tab headings or the upload will fail.

Template Causal Claims – 20150909

Alternatively you can create an example spreadsheet by making a selection of claims on the View Claims page and then Export as Excel. The downloaded Excel file will be in the correct format for upload to Research Analysis.

Correcting Errors in the Spreadsheet

The following provides some descriptions of common errors:

  1. “Claim [Claim row number] was REJECTED due to a missing [Column Name] value” : The columns Treatment or GENE-KO, Increases Molecule/Disease, In Organ/Cell, Genetic Model, Species, Statement (Quote from paper) and PMID are required fields. If for example there was no Genetic Model specified for a claim then you should put “Not Specified” in this column or if “Wild Type” then enter that value in the column.
  2. “Sheet: [Sheet Name]. Col: [Column] Incorrect columns found”: This error means that the sheet/tab specified has the incorrect column names. If this is a sheet without claims then this is not a problem and can be ignored. If it does have claims then the columns must be fixed.

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